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It is I, Sheleigh!

Hi! My name is Sheleigh Marie and I’m about to give you a little blurb about who I am and what I’m trying to do with my life.

I originally started on this path in Oct. 2012 because my contract ended with my job and I wasn’t having any success finding another place of employment. To be honest, I’m still finding my true path and trying new things until I find my one true calling.

At the moment I refurbish furniture occasionally, which was the original intent behind “Bet She Can Industries”. But I’m now in the process of creating practical makeup boxes for everyday use (Eventually I will write about them and put the link here). I also freelance as a videographer and editor because I have a major talent in those areas. Finally I sell Avon and hustle it like nobody’s business.

So that’s pretty much it. Below is a list full of links to find me on the interwebs. Thanks for stopping by!

To buy:
Etsy online shop
Avon online ordering (If you live in North York, Ontario, Canada)

To follow:
Bet She Can Industries (FB)
Sheleigh the Avon Lady (FB)
YouTube channel


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