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As part of the many, many things I am doing in my a-typical quest to be a self-employed wonder, I now sell Avon!

It started with my grandmother whipping out her latest campaign brochure while I was over and asking why I didn’t try doing that. (It was a sorta kinda selfish request… she wanted an easier, more convenient access point for products.) But it got me thinking… I have *always* loved Avon myself and it seemed like an easy enough gig. So I did it!

Over the course of time I’m going to be posting product reviews and other Avon-related items in amongst all my other stuff here on my blog.

Follow and like my facebook page and follow and RT my twitter account for deals, reviews, important ordering dates, etc. These will be updated much more frequently than my blog. My blog will only house long-standing items of interest, not passing sales.

My current project is going to be a video review about Avon’s “Anew” line of skin care products, specifically the line’s “Rejuvenate” products aimed at people in their 30s. I’m not there yet, but I have some skin problems and this line claims to “help visibly reduce pores, even skin tone, smooth texture, and restore all-over skin vibrancy,” which is what I could use anyway. I don’t have wrinkles yet, but everything else could potentially be useful.

I’m going to start using it once the campaign 6 order goes in and I will post my review after campaign 7.

Let’s see what happens!

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