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I’m Roxanne, a 27-year-old Torontonian, who is unemployed and fed up with my prospective employment options.

Recently I’ve had someone waltz into my life who is an insatiable dreamer, whom we’ll call Ozzy, for kicks. Ozzy is all about playing life by his own rules and on his own terms. He wants to be happy doing his own thing and has a million ideas on how to do that. Ozzy has reminded me of who I once was before everyone said I couldn’t do what I wanted to, because I had to grow up, because that’s what you do, because, because, because.

In a nutshell, I’m creative. That’s a very broad term and applies to my life in that I don’t like doing things the same old boring way… my wheels are always turning. Now that I have no job they’re turning and churning and looking for how I can make money while doing something creative and that makes me happy.


Before I lost my job I got on the kick of buying used furniture online and then revamping it to suit what I wanted; it’s cheaper than going to the store and it’s always going to be unique. So now… why not keep doing this and getting something out of it? It’s win win. I win money. You win cool, unique furniture that is still way cheaper for you than going out and buying it at a store.

And I’m done.

For now.


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